Doodled these during my break, so there are some inaccuracies. Kazuichi was inked in SAI, the other two are done in pen.


Your Courage increased!

Time for another installment of ‘I have the best fans’!

Those faces x3

Last one for now. I like to think Fuuka eventually got better at cooking…but then had to learn some finesse and practice fine tuning after that.


I will upload art of the DR2 kids as soon as I can draw them more accurately. Until then you get mono-fuzzies.

Small art flood incoming. Speaking of small oops we shrunk senpai again

Big brother, little sister [?]


For tybunny and vincecarters :) Now we can promote our (entirely fictional) business IN STYLE!!

Created by firecrackersweet (who did an awesome job considering I (A) forgot about this project and then (B) had the vaguest, least-helpful guidelines in history).